Goodnight, Sweet Ladies

Hey there, you can call me Kristina. This is a really dumb blog that consists of a lot of Emilie Autumn, cute things, My Little Pony, tf2 and other videogames. Enjoy Your Stay!

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17 year old unicorn



this easter was kind of sad i ate ham by myself and missed my siblings

i donut want junior year to end but i dont want the work i just want the classes and people and teachers

i done painted some clouds

he hates me

gayspicy is

gayspicy is birthed today years ago

crag on my bedside table

pixel planets *:・゚✧

i have been ponkypoo for over 2 year


I can’t believe Jesus hatched from an Easter egg 2000 years ago

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colin out of rverything i post ewhy reblog john c calhoun

john c calhoun

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